NOAH Paraffina Guitar, the aluminum guitar by NOAH GUITARS designed by Lorenzo Palmeri and played by Lou Reed,

will be part of the exhibition of the first-ever museum celebrating Italian design on a cruise ship: CoDe – Costa Design Collection


Genoa, 4 May, 2018 – Costa Cruises announced the plan to include an Italian design museum onboard Costa Smeralda, the new flagship scheduled for delivery in October 2019. The museum, titled Costa Design Collection (CoDe), will feature the best of Italian design, representing key areas of innovation including product design, fashion, transportation design and Italian cinema. The CoDe collection will call on the history of Made in Italy, celebrating the global influence of Italian creativity that is still prevalent today. This unique offering will exemplify the ship’s theme, Italy’s Finest, engaging guests with some the most iconic moments in Italian design history.

Co.De will be curated by architecture and design authority Matteo Vercelloni, who is a professor of History of Design at Polidesign (Politecnico University, Design) in Milan and regularly contributes to architecture and design magazines, such as INTERNI and Abitare.

“Co.De will aim to present through a selection of artefacts – many of which are still produced by Italian companies – the vitality of objects and furnishings that remain the ‘classics’ of Italian design from the 1930s to today,” said Vercelloni. “The museum is like a self-portrait of Italy over time; an intricate story made up of many stories.”

Designed by Costa Cruises’ Creative Director, Adam D. Tihany, the museum’s central location will encourage guests to visit multiple times throughout their trip.

“We designed the museum around a prominent walking path onboard Costa Smeralda,” said Tihany. “Whether just passing through or lingering over the collection, CoDe will enrich the guest experience with a space dedicated to the celebration of Italy’s Finest in design.”

“Costa Smeralda will be a tribute to Italy, and to the things that makes our country appreciated all around the world.  Design is definitely one of them. We are proud to have real Italian design museum onboard Costa Smeralda, featuring many of the names that have contributed to the ship’s construction and its success”. – said Neil Palomba, President of Costa Cruises.