Interview and studio visit #14

Yuval Avital 
From birth onwards


[…] JS: Entering through the door of your studio one immediately notices three things: a desk, a bookshelf crowded with objects of all kinds, notes, photographs, scores … and guitars. One, in particular, dominates the room: it is metallic and gleaming, and we are intrigued by it. Where did you have it built? What sound does it make?

YA: This is my Noah (built by Noah Guitars), an aluminum guitar made especially for me. I used it in the project I realized in collaboration with NASA and ESA. The guitar-makers hail from Milan, they build tools like swords for the Samurai. This is Yuval’s guitar! They also built a guitar for Lou Reed, a bass guitar for Sting, and another bass for Saturnino… We are a very small community of people obsessed with sound.

Let me play you something! […]