Convergency is an approach to knowledge integration that cuts across disciplinary boundaries.
It integrates knowledge, tools and ways of thinking; merges diverse areas of knowledge and expertise in a network of partnerships;
stimulates innovation from basic discovery to translational application.”

NOE, Convergency, Milan design week 2015

NOAH 5875 Lap Steel

Project in convergency with Max Pontrelli
Designed and produced by NOAHguitARS

Wiring by Marco Pancaldi

Played by

Ben Harper

2017 | NOAH Lap Steel

NOAHguitARS conceives the Lap Steel guitar as a natural completion of its aluminum hardshell musical instruments offer.
The project has been in progress for a few years, necessary to develop a both original and reassuring creation.

Completely milled out from a unique piece of aluminum alloy, Lap Steel project fully embraces NOAH vision:
traditional shapes joined to innovative challenges offer to musicians to augment solution ranges, and new inspiration opportunities.

With this model, an interesting interpretation is offered to the musician: the hollowed body and neck turn in to reactive components of the vibrant instrument.

The magnetic amplification system is characterized by the pick up selection, which have a different behavior then being on a wood guitar body.

The guitar is “alive”, but still extremely under control. The wise and reasoned choices about the electronic parts allows to obtain
a great variety of tonal nuances with just a few selection options. This ease of application offers the musician considerable expression freedom.

The 25″ length of the diapason scale allows the tuning on lower and deeper registers than traditional ones.
Strings thickness has been chosen to retain the best known registers as well.

Lastly, through the use of CNC technology, it was possible to realize some parts usually delegated to existing models on the market, as bridge and nut.
NOAHguitARS has been able to look for its own original solutions, as a true single producer of its kind. Noah LAP STEEL is a project made by NOAHguitARS in convergency with Max Pontrelli. Master builder: Marco Pancaldi.

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2017 | Ben Harper’s NOAH 5875 Lap Steel

The concept of balance between tradition and innovation is recognizable also in the chosen techniques used to treat the different materials.
The contrast is emphasized in every detail: the aluminum front is clean and essential, the wood back cover is decorated and warm to the touch. Following NOAH tradition, all materials have not been chemically treated to maintain their natural properties.

The oxidation is a normal aluminum reaction to the musician’s body chemistry.The level of shining of aluminum instruments is an aesthetic choice of each owner.

The NOAH Lap Steel body is completely milled out from a unique piece of aluminum alloy using CNC technology.

All the aluminum parts have been finished differently, depending on their function: mirrored body and pick up, satin finish on fretboard, bridge, nut and tuners. The aluminum fretboard is unique in its kind: no glue or screw is used to fix it to the neck.

It is satin finished to avoid distracting reflections into the eyes due to stage lightning. Dots and marks are filled up with black resin.

Completely milled out of a maple wood bar by CNC machines, the back cover has been finished by hands.The decoration itself offers augmented friction to the instrument. 
Chladni Plate has been the reference inspiring its decoration. The chosen shapes are generated by a 5875,5 Hz sound. The internal finish of the decoration refers to the way of finishing of ancient wood craft tradition. The perception of the piece becomes deeper and precious. Its texture has been realized by the local artist Caterina Aicardi, who interpreted the reference engraving the “biological skin” of the instrument.

HotSweetCH Control was conceive by Marco Pancaldi and Max Pontrelli. Designed and wired by Marco Pancaldi.
The provided lap steel case is a custom product made by StefyLine.

Steel2012 | NOAH Lap Steel FIRST Prototype

“The idea of making a lap steel guitar has been in NOAH since the beginning, as a desire of Giovanni Melis.

When they started, in order to get to the best result of making their First Lap, they decided to dedicate their work to someone in particular. That’s how Ben Harper inspired Noah Lap Steel. The project has been in progress for a few years and two prototypes have been made on the way. They were searching for the right balance between tradition and innovation, “for its shell, its nerves, its voice“. Through this time, many people contributed to this instrument with their knowledge, their hands and their hearts.”

Thanks to: Caterina Aicardi, Stefania Bandini, Gianandrea Bianchi, Giacomo Carasso, Saturnino Celani, Silvia Cesaroni, Sebastiamo De Concini, Daniele Fierro, Ben Harper, Giovanni Melis, Mauro Moia, Neri Oddo, Marco Pancaldi, Alex Piemonte, Max Pontrelli, Emma Ruatti, Maria C Ruatti, Renato Ruatti.