Convergency is an approach to knowledge integration that cuts across disciplinary boundaries.
It integrates knowledge, tools and ways of thinking; merges diverse areas of knowledge and expertise in a network of partnerships;
stimulates innovation from basic discovery to translational application.”
NOE, Convergency, Milan design week 2015


Designed and produced by NOAHguitARS

Artistic contribution of Caterina Aicardi

Played by

Federico Paciotti

AXXXE, unique instrument and moment of convergency with the artist Caterina Aicardi. Technically is the first NOAHguitARS with three pick-ups (HSH) and a tremolo bridge on a lightened body. Externally the instrument is characterized by the usage of red color: the cover on the back is in anodized red and on the knob was placed a garnet (stone with many symbolic references). Internally, placed in a niche cut into the heel, in the point of connection between body and neck, you will find the artist’s contribution. Hidden from the sight, the artwork is the result of an in-depth analysis of the name of the guitar AXXXE (axe, labrys, lightening), which “…has guided its shape and its essence along a path between myth, symbols, energies and matter expressed with signs and shapes, clear or hidden.”

This unique aluminium guitar is completely custom made to meet his musician’s needs: Federico Paciotti performs rock opera, as both tenor and guitarist. For this reason, NOAH Axxxe Guitar has been internally lighten to reduce the instrument’s weight on the diaphragm of the singer and it has been prearrange to be hold by the belt, instead of using a common guitar strap.

The aluminium body is deeper compared to its sisters, about 38 mm. NOAH Axxxe is the first guitar where some developments have been applied to the internal structure: from the inside point of view, it fully anticipates the NuNoah Serie produced in 2016.  

Morevoer, it accommodates three pick up instead of the usual neck/bridge pair, which are: MamaP Tex Fire humbucker neck pu, MamaP Runner Single Coil middle pu and MamaP Exploder humbucker bridge pu. Also, it is the first NOAH custom guitar with a Floyd Rose tremolo system.



Lorenzo Ceva Valla