Convergency is an approach to knowledge integration that cuts across disciplinary boundaries.
It integrates knowledge, tools and ways of thinking; merges diverse areas of knowledge and expertise in a network of partnerships;
stimulates innovation from basic discovery to translational application.”
NOE, Convergency, Milan design week 2015


Designed by Lorenzo Palmeri

produced by


Produced in 2006, ”Paraffina Slapster” guitar is the result of a close study of musicians’ gestures and theatricality by the italian designer Lorenzo Palmeri. The first distinctive feature is the presence of a handle created from a hole in the body, with it the instrument is easy to carry and comfortable to wear. Another distinctive feature is the headstock. On the first prototype there was also a slapster at the base of the cords that can alter the sound simply pressing on it with the elbow or with the hand, introducing a new gesture. Later the production went in a more clean direction.

After the first Slapster Prototype, the first NOAH Paraffina Guitar has been made for Livio Magnini who now embraces the Number 2. Infact, in 2007 Lou Reed received his first NOAH Slim Guitar at his birthday from a friend and, enthusiastic of its sound and design,  he decided to visit the NOAH Laboraories and meet its builders. During his visit, Lou Reed also felt in love with another model, the Paraffina, and flew away with the one initially ment for Livio. Read more about Lou Reed visit at NOAH Labs..

In 2013, Lorenzo designs for Noah Guitars also a Paraffina bass, one of Saturnino Celani’s favourite instruments.

In 2018, shape and components have been reviewed to upgrade the instrument to its best configuration.


Guitar played by Lou Reed, Livio Magnini, Davide Ferrario

Bass played by

Saturnino Celani