Saturnino Celani NOAHguitARS

““Every time I come to the NOAH workshop I feel like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, when she meets Hattori Hanzo to commission him to make her a sword!
Saturnino Celani
D.de Blasio, “Tre domande per Lou Reed” Abitare n°479, Febbraio 2008

Lou Reed NOAHguitARS

““..and then I took it home and was astonished to find it to be one of the “great” guitars. In every way. The pickups on that guitar are wonderful on THAT guitar. You have the range of an active pickup although it is not. Great neck, balance, tone, it is all there. I have seen attempts with metal bodies before but they have always been absurd. But this is exceptional and could be the one guitar you “must” have. It is a contemporary jewel. I am blessed to own not one but two NOAH guitars.
Lou Reed
D.de Blasio, “Tre domande per Lou Reed” Abitare n°479, Febbraio 2008

Yuval Avitali NOAHguitARS

“NOAH is my dream instrument, inspiring me like a metallic shining muse. It comes with me to the most delicate places in sound: trembling shouts and wild pure energy. There will be many paths of beauty that this guitar will walk with me.
Yuval Avital
Milano, 23 Maggio 2014

Jamie Gale NOAHguitARS

“"..Noah Guitars from Italy, whose wonderful carved aluminum body guitars produce familiar, yet fresh sounds that are amongst the warmest and most inspiring metal bodied guitars I've ever had the joy of playing.
Jamie Gale
Boutique Guitar Showcase – 15 Gennaio 2018