The idea was to create a metal guitar, a hybrid of two “archetypes”: National Style “O” and Fender Telecaster.

The challenge was to keep the metal body, its acoustic and aesthetic potentialities and a classic electric timbre with a pure and essential design.
After a research and experimentation phase the final choice was aluminium, a metal that with its properties like lightness seems closer to wood than other metals.

In few years the first instrument came to life: its body was milled out of an aluminium slab with no welding. It’s a hybrid guitar with a beautiful voice heritage.

Since the first manufacture, the milling out of the body from a metal slab is the technological innovation that distinguishes the production of NOAH instruments. Their craftsmanship evolves and gains ground combining high technology and qualified manual skills.

Gradually, the process gets refined: now they draw the body with CAD and use CAM to control the high speed cutting machine, while assembly, knobs, saddles and finishings keep their handcraft made feature.