“Convergency is an approach to knowledge integration that cuts across disciplinary boundaries. It integrates knowledge, tools and ways of thinking; merges diverse areas of knowledge and expertise in a network of partnerships; stimulates innovation from basic discovery to translational application.”
NOE, Convergency, Milan design week 2015


In the basement of Villa Busca Serbelloni in Lambrate discrict in Milan, headquarters of NOE - Nuove Operazioni Editoriali and of RUATTISTUDIO ARCHITETTI, there is a fascinating cellar that turns into the workshop of Officine Noah. In this place the instrument comes to life, example of customized made in Italy, result of the synergy between Noah partner’s knowledge.

Then in this place came the musicians, express their identity, make know their views but also their desires, advices and requests; so doing they contribute to evolution and refinements of the instrument and its voice.

Similar to guitars, the bass born. Stefano Cerri and Saturnino Celani knowledge allows to finalize its distinctive characteristics and bring to life Excalibur, an essential bass with an unmistakable timbre.

The openness towards research and integration of expertise, made fruitful partnerships possible.
These includes designers Lorenzo Palmeri and Fabio Novembre who draw the new and original Noah instruments, Vito Acconci, New York artist, that brought to Noah his experimental approach to gestures and Tommaso Rosati, electronic musician from Tuscany, who applied electronic to NoahPIÙ, an innovative system of augmented reality applied to guitars.


Produced in 2006, ”Paraffina Slapster” guitar is the result of a close study of musicians’ gestures and theatricality. The first distinctive feature is the presence of a handle created from a hole in the body, with it the instrument is easy to carry and comfortable to wear. Another distinctive feature is the headstock. On the first prototype there was also a slapster at the base of the cords that can alter the sound simply pressing on it with the elbow or with the hand, introducing a new gesture. Later the production went in a more clean direction. In 2013 Lorenzo designs for Noah also a Paraffina bass, one of Saturnino Celani’s favourite instruments.

Paraffina Slapster
Designed by Lorenzo Palmeri
Produced by NOAHguitARS
Played by Lou Reed

Lorenzo Palmeri: architect, is involved in the projecting: design, architecture, art direction, teaching, composition and music production. He learns from and cooperates with Bruno Munari e Isao Hosoe for many years. His planning experience goes from home interiors to guitars, from design of objects to chocolates. He has taken part in many collective and personal exhibitions; he wrote sound tracks for theatre and for installations.

AXXXE, unique instrument and moment of convergency with the artist Caterina Aicardi. Technically is the first NOAHguitARS with three pick-ups (HSH) and a vibrating bridge on a lightened body. Externally the instrument is characterized by the usage of red colour: the cover on the back is in anodized red and on the knob was placed a garnet (stone with many symbolic references). Internally, placed in a niche cut into the block connecting the body with the neck you will find the artist’s contribution; hidden from sight, the artwork is the result of an in-depth analysis of the name of the guitar AXXXE (axe, labrys, lightening) that "...has guided its shape and its essence along a path between myth, symbols, energies and matter expressed with signs and shapes, clear or hidden.” (C.A.)

Designed and created by NOAHguitARS
Artistic contribution of Caterina Aicardi
Played by Federico Paciotti

Caterina Aicardi: lives and works between Milan and Florence. First she studied at Accademia di Belle Arti of Milan, with Luciano Fabro, and then she graduated in Aesthetical Philosophy at Università Statale of Milan. She has taken part in many collective and personal exhibitions, in Italy and abroad. Artist crossing over different realities, open to partnerships to explore the most different field of artistic and visual expression.

Meeting and mixing between a unique and exclusive Italian electric guitar and an innovative system to “increase” the potentialities of the instrument: the guitar, thanks to some sensors, is a controller to generate analogical and digital sounds in real-time. The potential of this instrument is still being studied: from sound to image, from gesture to performance. One of the most recent experimentation is the convergency of NOAHPIÙ and Remix The Cinema that merges audio and video experience with an interactive installation presented during the Fuorisalone 2015 event in Milano.

Tommaso Rosati: electronic musician, jazz drummer, electroacoustic composer. He graduated in Jazz Battery at the Conservatory of Livorno and in Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Firenze. Starts and follows different projects, from art installation to electronic music performances. He produces music for short films and documentaries. He takes care of sound spatialization and creation of hardware-software system to control the live electronics (augmented instruments). He plays in different contexts and collaborates with Nicoletta Andreuccetti, Riccardo Onori, Marco De Cotis, Piero Bittolo Bon, Elias Nardi, Carlo Failli, Teresa Paoli and many others.

Installation presented during the Fuorisalone 2015 event in Villa Busca Serbelloni in Milano: multidisciplinary meeting and mixing between a unique and exclusive Italian electric guitar, an innovative system to “increase” the potentialities of the instrument and a live project that re-works great classics of the cinema. The interactive installation involves visitors: the guitar, at the center of the scene, is a controller to generate analogical and digital sounds and elaborates images in real-time. The result is not “only” an elaboration of known fragments, produced and reproduced by the visitors playing the guitar, but also a new experience that merges audio and video production. The musician becomes VJ, his gestures magnify the experience and create a perfect interaction between sound and imagine.

Action 30 is a collective composed by artists, photographers, graphic designers, musicians, philosophers, illustrators, video makers, living in Italy and abroad, and connected by the inner need to tell stories, concepts, movements in many ways and change the classic narration to reach new audiences.

NO-NO, moment of convergency with the designer Fabio Novembre, who has the idea of drawing a bass that talks directly about the musician that plays it, starting from a personal logo. The project follows and implements new shapes, mechanical controllers are placed in the “eyes” and the black neck made of carbon flows between the fingers of the musician. An instrument worn as shield and spear.

NO-NO Bass
Designed by Fabio Novembre
Produced by NOAHguitARS
Played by Saturnino Celani

Fabio Novembre: in 1984 moves to Milan, where he graduates in architecture; after attending a course of film direction at New York University, goes back to Milan and in 1994 opens his own studio. Thanks to his polyhedral personality and his creativity, boasts many success and collaborations, as the one with Triennale of Milan and recently a partnership with Milan football team, for which designed Casa Milan, new headquarter of the Football Club.

New line NU NOAH shows a deep renewal of the instrument concept: on the fundamental intuition of the aluminium body, for the first time in Noah’s life, a diversification of the electrical solutions (pickup, controllers) and mechanicals (bridges, vibrato) begins. All the details of the new instruments are designed to harmoniously integrate technical and musical evolution of the last half century in order to offer to the musician an easy playing and a melodious and reliable instrument.


Marco Pancaldi: was born in Genova. He starts playing the guitar at a very early age, fascinated by 70s musical flow. His passion will soon get him involved in electronics, lute manufacturing, recording, sound processing. He graduated in Political Science in Milan with a thesis in sociology of rock concerts. Founding member of Bluvertigo in the first 90s, he leaves the band in 1996 to try new musical collaborations. The most known with Franco Battiato.

NOAHguitARS conceives the Lap Steel guitar as a natural completion of its aluminum hardshell musical instruments offer. The project has been in progress for a few years, necessary to develop a both original and reassuring creation. Completely milled out from a unique piece of aluminum alloy, Lap Steel project fully embraces NOAH vision: traditional shapes joined to innovative challenges offer to musicians to augment solution ranges, and new inspiration opportunities. With this model, an interesting interpretation is offered to the musician: the hollowed body and neck turn in to reactive components of the vibrant instrument. The magnetic amplification system is characterized by the pick up selection, which have a different behavior then being on a wood guitar body. The guitar is “alive”, but still extremely under control. The wise and reasoned choices about the electronic parts allows to obtain a great variety of tonal nuances with just a few selection options. This ease of application offers the musician considerable expression freedom. The 25" length of the diapason scale allows the tuning on lower and deeper registers than traditional ones. Strings thickness has been chosen to retain the best known registers as well. Lastly, through the use of CNC technology, it was possible to realize some parts usually delegated to existing models on the market, as bridge and nut. NOAHguitARS has been able to look for its own original solutions, as a true single producer of its kind.


Designed and produced by NOAHguitARS
In convergency with Max Pontrelli
Master builder Marco Pancaldi
Played by Ben Harper

Max Pontrelli: incontra la chitarra da piccolo e ne rimane folgorato all’istante. Studia chitarra classica al Conservatorio di Piacenza e contemporaneamente si esibisce live in locali e manifestazioni musicali, principalmente nel nord Italia. Dal 1990 lavora presso lo storico negozio di strumenti musicali milanese Cris Music, che gestisce dal 1998. Negli anni, collabora come consulente con diverse realtà aziendali per distribuzione, importazione e realizzazione di strumenti musicali in Italia. Inoltre, considerando come fondamentale l’aspetto della formazione specializzata, da 10 anni propone workshop, seminari e incontri sul mondo dello strumento musicale atti a sviluppare cultura.