Vision and challenge

The idea of Noah Hardshell Guitar took its shape in 1993, when Renato Ruatti embraced his friend Giovanni Melis’ dream, music guru, to create a cutting-edge electric guitar. An instrument to gather the legacy of two “archetypes”: National Style “O” and Fender Telecaster.

The idea and the challenge: hybridize National’s metal body and its acoustic and aestethic potentialities with Telecaster’s unique timbre and its pure and essential design.
At first plate and/or brass, but the idea got shot down; then the intuition to start from a block of material and engrave it; at last the choice of the most suitable metal for this processing: aluminium, produced from minerals, with its properties like lightness that make it closer to wood than other metals, seemed to be the one.

It’s 1995 and here came Mauro Moia, connoisseur of aluminium; with him the intuition can become reality and the team can move that step toward the making of the first Noah instruments.
Gradually the process gets refined: high speed cutting machine for the first body milled out of aluminium. While assembly, knobs and finishings keep their handcraft made feature.
The first instrument, the Ammiraglia, was born in 1996, and the same night it came to life someone played it on the stage: it was a real guitar. For many year Noah people remain the same, without losing their openness towards new requests or partnerships. Then came the musicians: their opinions, advice, requests, desires…contributed to evolution and refinements of the instrument and its voice.

In 2015 a new chapter starts for Noah coinciding with Giovanni Meli’s decision to interrupt his common journey lasted for more than two decades. In 2016 Officine welcomes Marco Pancaldi, who contributes with his ear and head of musician together with his deep technical knowledge of the instrument: collaboration becomes official with the creation of the new line NU NOAH.